BMS is a "Work Healthy" Employer

The war on high obesity rates and sky rocketing health care costs has prompted Lynchburg area businesses to join in the Work Healthy Program. BMSDirect is encouraging employees to stay fit and it has proven that it works.

James Laprade BMSDirect
James Laprade, Owner, BMS Direct encourages getting involved

Studies show that the healthier your work place is the less your employees call in sick and the lower your healthcare costs are. The BMS onsite Gym  is already paying off.

James Laprade, owner BMSDirect says,  — “We  spend over 120-thousand dollars a year on health care and when we can see our premiums come down 17 percent in one year, we know it makes a difference.”

The company has revamped their cafeteria with healthier food options, a wii fit and even lockers where employees can store their gym clothes. Their smoking cessation classes have brought workplace smoking down, benefitting all their employees.

Laprade advises other to,  “Take healthcare seriously!  Take the work healthy initiative seriously and get involved.” The Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, Lynchburg City officials and involved area businesses encourage you to get involved. Listen to Rachel Share, Lynchburg News share the story in this video clip.

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