CONNECT During A Pandemic

Need More Choices for Connection Despite Social Distancing. It keeps us safe, but it also causes a disconnect. Our organizational way of thinking, responding, leading, and connecting needs to pivot during this pandemic. Each leader must wake up, realize it is not just about maintaining but improving connections in a very strategic way. In other words, adapting to the new normal requires new ways of connecting. 

The new work from the home environment requires the transformation within the strategic business focus. First, it includes improved accountability. Second, transparency. And bringing a fresh set of eyes and new perspectives. Objectives remain the same in this new environment. Attract. Retain. Engage. Employees. Also, adding a critical goal: Connect! Employee to employee, employee to cause, employee to brand. Support our staff, families, and communities during this difficult time.

Strategies to CONNECT

  • Virtual Communication – weekly
  • Celebrate Success – Service Awards
  • Increase the Frequency of Communication
  • Creation of contests to make work FUN
  • Consistent Messaging

There are many tactics & ideas to consider for employee engagement. For example, send a themed promotional product quarterly to employee homes, reinforcing mission, values, and success actions. In short, now is a great time to evaluate your employee service award program, improve, and relaunch – Make sure it fits the new ‘work from home’ world! Reward deserving employees!

How to Implement Engagement Solutions?

  • Website / Easier Communication/Nomination process/eCards/Surveys/Quizzes/Service Awards

Looking for an Employee Engagement Solution, we are happy to give you a demonstration at your convenience.

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