How to Make Direct Mail Work for Your Company

How Can Direct Mail Help Your Company?

If your company is involved in direct marketing, you are most likely aware that direct mail Is still a feasible option in your marketing campaigns. With full email inboxes and a neverending stream of online advertising, direct mail stands out from the rest. A direct mail advertisement comes to the customer physically and won’t be lost amidst competing emails. The customer can actually hold the mail, which makes it more likely that it will be read. The addressee of the correspondence also has a sense that the email is personal. Names and tailored details make the customer feel your company truly cares about them. Direct mailings can either target specific groups to sell a product or convey a message. With a target demographic it is easier to promote a product or service through devices such as catalogs, brochure, and postcards. It is also budget friendly; you can be sure that there will be a return on investment. Bulk rates make mass mailings affordable and profitable. Direct mail is also a proven marketing strategy that has made it through decades of technological advancement from the radio to television to smartphones.  Here are some ways direct mail can help you effectively reach customers.

Direct Mail Should be Part of Your Full Marketing Campaign.

With the attention a direct mailing will create, incorporating it into an overall strategy is wise. The word campaign is appropriate for this marketing strategy; which will have to be continuous to work. A combination of mailings, social media posts, emails, and online ads will have to be executed to reach new customers. Being persistent is the key to being successful in your campaign.

Add A Personal Touch.

Dale Carnegie got it right; people love to hear or read their own name.  The more personalized you can make your content the more likely it will grab the customer’s attention. It shows that you know who your customers are and that your company cares about them. It also means that your customer will remember your company because your mailing was personal.

Build Your Brand With Direct Mail.

The time spent reading a mailer will exceed time spent in reading a social media post or an email. It is the perfect opportunity to convey more about your product or service. Make sure that your mailer has vibrant graphics that will hold the customer’s attention and fonts, images, and icons laid out in your company’s branding style guide. Including information on how your product or service could benefit a customer, you are developing both your brand and the customer’s loyalty.

Make Sure Customer Information is Current.

Using the same data for a mailing done five years ago will not reach the same customers. People move, and companies go out of business, so you want to make sure your database is up to date. Accurate data is crucial to reach your target demographic. You also want to make sure that the mailings go to customers who will buy your goods or services. Having accurate data will let you know what age, income, interests potential customers have and how best to market to their individual needs.  

Don’t Use a Weak Call to Action.

As with an email or social media campaign your call to action cannot be half-hearted. You want to convince your customer that your company’s product or service can improve their life. Without a strong call to action, you will not convince customers of anything. The most effective way to get a customer to respond to your call to action is by using the right language, keeping it brief, and making sure it is on several locations in your flyer. Use the call of action anywhere you can without spoiling the aesthetics of your mailer.  Weeks after the mailer was read customers will remember your call to action.

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