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We take the pain out of online payments. Automated digital bill presentment and payment.

Achieve better results with pre-built customer experiences.

Collecting payments online used to be hard before billzpay+.

First, you'd have to have your IT department connect your website to a payment processor, figure out how to store the documents, and present them online securely. Then, create the automation to send emails and text messages letting people know that their bill is ready and reminding people to pay their bill before the date approaches or passes. It places a heavy load on the IT department and those that produce the communications every day.

Out of the box, customer communications include:

  • Sending email and SMS notifications that bill is ready to pay
  • Email and SMS reminders to pay the bill
  • Emails promoting digital payments
  • Dashboard and reports to track the status and adjust payment process
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Billzpay+ makes it easier by offloading the management of infrastructure, software, and customer communications to a more productive model. This new model is simple because you already print and mail your bills, so send those same print files into billzpay+, and it takes care of the rest. The documents are securely stored; email notifications are automatically sent to the consumers, and they quickly pay using a pre-built billzpay+ website branded for you. That's it. Fast, secure, and more people will pay online because billzpay+ includes a marketing engine that drives up adoption.

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