Solar panel jackets? Yes – windows, furniture, and beyond – it’s a revolution in solar power!

The square panel is out? No, but imagination might be the only thing holding us back. 


Solar power is booming. In the U.S. alone, installation jumped 40%, and costs dropped 70%. Currently, this country generates 4% of electricity from the sun, but a particular administration wants the country to generate almost half of its electricity from the sun by 2050. So last November, funding passed, billions of dollars for clean energy projects to help move this industry forward! 

 Change in what solar looks like is here. Today, designers have started a new movement called the “solar movement.” Increasing solar application diversity – things like windows with solar cells. This resource looks affordable to many as innovative applications emerge, and 2022 may become a banner year for solar energy. 

Today, our buildings integrate as the panel – wow!

It is called, “Building Integrated Photovoltaics.” Tesla’s solar shingles are one example, but more and more examples are cropping up around the globe.

 Like phones, the more options individuals and businesses have to switch to solar, the more likely they will adopt it. Helping this industry is the steady decline in cost, but “transactional friction” must be worked on. It is just like bureaucratic red tape.  Think like when you’re securing a permit downtown and then next counting the cost of money saved on bills in the long run. So again, due diligence comes into play for your organization when deciding on installing new panels. 

Our sun’s light never ends, and solar panel energy uses this light.

We are creating a renewable source of electricity. Naturally replenished, energy is used constantly without running out. It takes 5 minutes of shining streams of beams to supply the entire United States’ electricity demand for 30 days. Solar energy is renewable, unlike fossil fuels. In addition, fossil fuels lack the benefits of renewable energy and are detrimental to our environment.

All this to say, like ripples on a pond, solar energy could work like a ripple effect. Solar is going to have a huge 2022 year. A promising mission for it is to accelerate the shift to cleaner, cheaper energy.

One of the largest solar installations in the state is right here at BMS. With 922 panels on our roof – yes, they’re square. This system provides approximately 55% of the power needed to run our plant, thus saving energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

Join the movement – solar power is here to stay.

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