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BMS is in partnership with Crawford Technologies, an award-winning global provider of software solutions and services that help enterprises optimize and improve the secure and accessible delivery, storage, and presentment of their customer communications.

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If you have achieved an accessible website, but the PDF files on the site have not yet been remediated, you are exposed to ADA related litigation. How many PDFs are there, and how many are not compliant? Our AccessibilityNow® SiteScan service can scan your website and evaluate all the documents on your website. We can determine how many PDFs are not compliant. With this information, we can scope the amount of work that will be required to remediate your documents.

AccessibilityNow® SiteScan is your first step towards online accessibility compliance. It is an automated web crawler tool that finds and identifies all PDFs on a website, generating a report with the location of each file. In addition, it will generate reports with detailed findings such as URL location and file names so that you can easily access these PDFs.

Once the PDFs and their locations have been identified, AccessibilityNow SiteScan runs AccessibilityNow Validator against all of the PDF files to determine if each is accessible, and if so, are they WCAG, HHS or PDF/UA compliant, or all.

We will provide you with detailed reports to get a clear understanding of your situation. We can also provide you with the most cost-effective approach to achieving your accessibility goals.

Easy and Affordable E-commerce for Accessible PDFs

  • Using is easy and efficient

  • You select your desired services

  • Upload PDF files and receive back an Accessible PDF document

  • Receive a quote

  • And place your order

Secure facility with PCI-DSS and SOC 2 certifications

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crawford logo is a cloud-based e-commerce site that lets a user upload PDF files and receives the WCAG-compliant Accessible PDFs back. With very fast turnaround and compliance guarantees, this is an excellent option for organizations with a small number of documents to tag.

Once Compliant, Remain Compliant

With CrawfordTech’s extensive experience in the Document Accessibility arena, and partnership with BMS, we can help you identify the documents on your website that are not accessible, and also help set up a plan for website document remediation as well as training on maintaining website accessibility with monitoring and on-going audits.

Be in compliance.
Automate the creation and delivery of accessible documents.

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