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Solar Panel Blog

Our Commitment to Sustainability Has Never Been Stronger.

Established in 1973, BMS Direct is a local, family-owned business that will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary in August 2023. BMS Direct’s commitment to sustainability has never been stronger. Their approach is integrated throughout the business to strive to protect the environment, empower people and get results the right way today and tomorrow. Over […]

Image of color paper with words, Color Paper vs Paper Mill

Color Paper: Paper Supply Issues, Mill Closures, and the Printing and Packaging Industries

Portions of this article were published initially on PiWorld. View the original article here. The price of paper is on the rise. Color stocks are becoming a thing of the past. That’s no real surprise to anyone in the printing and packaging industries. In 2022, we continued to see paper demand grow and supply sink, which […]

USPS Promotions 2023

Take Advantage of 2023 USPS Promotions

USPS Promotions to Take Advantage of in 2023 What’s New TACTILE, SENSORY, INTERACTIVE Discount: Increase New eligibility: Scent on the outside of the envelope Discount: 5% PERSONALIZED COLOR TRANSPROMO Timeframe: Moved from Jul – Dec to Feb – Jul Eligibility: Add CRM/BRM inclusion incentive Discount: Add tier for reply mail inclusion Discount: 3% or 4% […]

USPS 2023 Holiday Schedule

USPS 2023 Holidays & events – plan ahead

Ensure Your Critical Communications Are Ready Early Plan Ahead & Know the USPS Holiday Schedule There are many ways to succeed in direct mail marketing since it’s an open-ended and creative space. However, here are a few tips on using direct mail for business to help ensure your campaigns’ success. Keep your communication mail piece […]

Post Office front

US Postal Service Submits Filing for Price Increase to Go Into Effect January 2023

This article was originally published on Brand United. It can be viewed here. Late on Friday, October 7, the Postal Service submitted a filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission proposing a price increase. This would be in effect on January 22, 2023. The PRC will review the filing to ensure that USPS calculations are accurate and […]

USPS Network and Your Mail

A New Postal Network and Your Mail

This article was originally published on Snailtalk. It can be viewed here. If you think changing a tire on a moving bus is tough, try doing it with a blindfold on.  This is kind of what the Postal Service is doing with its network right now.  The blindfolds are actually on the industry and postal employees.  […]


US Postal Service (USPS) Mail Delivery Timeline Getting Better

Looking ahead to the 2022 holiday peak season, the US Postal Service (USPS) announced the dates for the “Temporary Rate Adjustments.” This year, the higher price rates will be effective from October 2, 2022, through January 22, 2023.  In addition, USPS National News states that the average delivery timeline is now steady at 2.5 days.  […]


Variable Data Printing (VDP)

What is Variable Data Printing (VDP)? VDP is a method of digital printing that allows graphic or text elements to be easily and efficiently swapped out throughout a print job – making it more personal to the receiver. It is commonly used in the direct mail industry and generally yields a 42% response rate. This is […]


Print Ready?

Is Your Art File Print Ready? Many things go into getting a file ready for print. For print, this process is called Prepress, assembling and editing a product (such as a book or newspaper) before printing. (Source: Merriam). Creating the Perfect Printed Piece Without the proper knowledge, it’s hard to create the perfect printed piece. […]


For Transactional, Direct Mail, and In-Plant Printers

This article is a reprint from Canon Solutions America. How Production Inkjet Can Help You Achieve Your Sustainability Goals As a transactional, direct mail, or in-plant printer, how comfortable are you with your environmental credentials? Are they solidly green or perhaps still a work in progress? Have your customers or prospects started to ask you […]

Solar PanelsBMSRoof

Solar panel jackets? Yes – windows, furniture, and beyond – it’s a revolution in solar power!

The square panel is out? No, but imagination might be the only thing holding us back.    Solar power is booming. In the U.S. alone, installation jumped 40%, and costs dropped 70%. Currently, this country generates 4% of electricity from the sun, but a particular administration wants the country to generate almost half of its […]

PGAMA Webinar

Paper Industry Update – PGAMA webinar

Thank you, PGAMA, for putting this webinar update together. We continue to monitor how markets tighten – specifically paper.  We believe it is important to stay abreast of how paper mills reach their monthly reservations, as they are currently oversold – this means limits even with reservations. Mills are allocating a percentage for awarded tons.  […]


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