Our Commitment to Sustainability Has Never Been Stronger.

Established in 1973, BMS Direct is a local, family-owned business that will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary in August 2023.

BMS Direct’s commitment to sustainability has never been stronger. Their approach is integrated throughout the business to strive to protect the environment, empower people and get results the right way today and tomorrow.

Over the years, the BMS team has continually looked for means to be an environmentally friendly business, initiating sustainability initiatives with the lofty goal of protecting global ecosystems for the sake of future generations. Some of the initiatives include the installation of public Tesla and standard EV charging stations and the businesses’ use of Tesla EV vehicles. They’ve installed motion-activated LED lighting throughout the 80,000 sq. ft. facility and recycle all material waste. Their team believes in leaving their footprint on the environment and in 2016, decided to initiate a going green solar initiative by installing 922 panels. This supplemented approximately 55+% of their overall energy consumption. Since then and as energy prices have continued to rise, they decided to continue down the solar path and maximize their roof space with the addition of more panels. Now, with 1489 panels generating 696 MWh per year, BMS Direct should cover 100% of their on-peak demand each day while also feeding access power back to the grid.

As an industry leader in the transactional print and mail industry, in partnership with their clients, BMS will continue to leave green footprints because they see it is making a difference.

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