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Send Mail That Matters: The Evolution of Direct Mail

Consumer preferences have changed so much in the past 5 years that a lot of traditional marketing tactics now seem nonsensical because they are not effective anymore. Direct marketing strategy is no different. The most advanced retailers are recognizing that when direct mail and behavioral analytics are used synergistically they sell more stuff! When paired with online consumer data, the impact of print can be greater than ever before.

The progression to what is now possible can be broken down by looking at how direct marketers use data.


Dear Resident,

Using limited data from basic mailing lists, retailers create identical mailings that usually showcase a product and offer and send it to as many people as possible. These simple mailers tend to be all about the retailer’s objective and message with coincidental relevance to the consumer.



Hello Homeowner,

Using third party and purchase history databases, retailers are able to find similarities between consumers and group them into segments. Direct mail pieces are then created based on the shared attributes of these groups.These mailers tend to be more relevant than mass mailers but not personalized to the individual.



Hey Kevin,

With pairing online behavioral data with machine learning, retailers can now create a completely customized mailer with a unique offer, product and creative and send it straight to an individual consumer. By tracking a consumer’s unique online behavior— what items they click on, what emails they open, what they put in their shopping carts and their purchase history, location or other demographic information, retailers can send Mail that Matters to…. Kevin.


Reprinted from Better Ways

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