Forever Goes Up Again

forever stampThe crack is widening and Forever stamps will now cost 45 cents… UP a penny.  The latest rate increases start on January 22, including increases for First Class Mail. Postal officials expect the 1-cent increase to generate an additional $888 million in revenue, the Washington Post reports.

  • Domestic mail letter rate UP 1 cent
  • Postcard postage UP 3 cents to 32 cents.
  • Letters to Canada and Mexico UP 5 cents to 85 cents
  • Letters to other international destinations UP 7 cents to $1.05

Download 2012 Rate Charts
USPS mail volume DOWN 20% (in the four year period through fiscal year 2010) resulting in net losses of over $20 billion. Hundreds of thousands of postal workers could soon lose their jobs, or face drastic changes to their benefits.

The biggest postal increases:

Package rates, both within the US and internationally, with the highest increases applied to the lowest weight packages

  • 1 oz package rate for all countries UP from $1.72 to $3.00.
  • 1 oz packages going to Canada and Mexico UP 154 %
  • 1 oz packages to international countries UP 114%

More changes:

  • USPS is also still considering plans to scale back to a five-day delivery schedule -NO Saturday delivery. (Congress will decide this spring).
  • Express Mail delivery seven days a week but…..
  • Priority Mail would only be Monday through Friday

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