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It’s the Thought That Matters – Recognize Your People This Holiday Season

Guest post by Roger Burnett It is always a pleasure to share knowledge with like-minded people.  Roger Burnett is a respected friend, writer, and lover of all things Promotional.  When he accepted our invitation to share his wisdom with our readers, we were thrilled.  We know you will be as well. —– The Great Resignation. […]


Political Elections

3 Musts for Your Election Campaign   It’s crunch time for your campaign! Due to our current environment, the election season looks a bit different than in previous years – but things are improving slowly.  With this in mind here are some options to connect with your voters. Get your name out there with a […]


National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2021)

National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2021) and International Nurses Day (May 6) We thank all our nurses.  Who will you thank?  The National Nurses Week will raise awareness of the value of nursing. It will help educate about the role nurses play in meeting healthcare needs. The World Health Organization recognized 2020 as the “Year of […]

Earth wearing a mask

Earth Day – Looking for Ways to Protect Yourself & the Planet?

People are living in an ever-changing world – and just one year ago, the pandemic was a big one. How has it affected us as a society? How has it affected our lives personally? The daily adjustments every one of us had to make to cope and live amongst one another was a definitive change […]

Vaccination Rollout Signage

Vaccine Rollout – Are You Ready?

Have you reopened your business and are having trouble communicating that to your customers? The last year has been one for the history books. Many states are phasing in or out of their reopening plans, and customers require factual and frequent business information. The digital aspect, including email and social media-can get you only so […]

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A Guide to the Gift-Giving Season

A time of gifts rapidly approaches, so now is the time to start thinking about those end-of-year gifts! Who should receive them? Consider showing appreciation to employees, donors, and clients.  Gifts are great for showing appreciation. Who doesn’t like receiving them, including all donors, clients, and employees! Presents help strengthen and build relationships, but they […]

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3 Musts For Your Election Campaign

These steps will help increase awareness and support for your campaign.  With elections right around the corner, it is crunch time for your campaign.  Due to our current environment, the election season looks a bit different than in previous years.  This makes it harder for nominees to connect with voters.  Here are three “musts” for […]


CONNECT During A Pandemic

Need More Choices for Connection Despite Social Distancing. It keeps us safe, but it also causes a disconnect. Our organizational way of thinking, responding, leading, and connecting needs to pivot during this pandemic. Each leader must wake up, realize it is not just about maintaining but improving connections in a very strategic way. In other […]

DM Pandemic

Direct Mail is Soaring During the Pandemic

We all know COVID-19 mandated policies have consumers shutting doors tight!  Many open them for a few reasons – package delivery, food delivery, and something until recent times may have caused consumers to tell the kids to do.  Go check the mail! That’s right, people – your target audience (now under quarantine), are in fact, […]

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Postcards: Can They Be As Effective as Envelope Mail?

When people think of direct mail marketing, they often think of two things: letters and postcards. You can’t use as many words with postcards as you can in a seven-page mailer, but there’s still a whole lot you can do with these seemingly small yet powerful pieces of paper. The Magic of Lower Costs Mailing […]

blog post image with a campaign button vote for george

The Benefits of Business Promotion Using Promotional Products

Promotional products have been around for nearly 200 years. Apparently George Washington was the forerunner in promotional products. He created campaign buttons and started an entire industry! The promotions market has changed and expanded dramatically since then but the original concept behind the message remains the same, get your message seen. And George had a […]

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10 Statistics You Must Know About Marketing with Promotional Products

Promotional products are everywhere, after all it is a multi-billion-dollar industry! Whether you have a couple free t-shirts in your closet or a hoard of pens you’ve gathered through the years, chances are you haven’t stopped to think about how effective these logoed items can be. Here are our TOP TEN statistics that will make you seriously […]


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10 Steps
Optimizing Invoice Processing

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