Using Promotional Products for Marketing

A promotional product is a perfect match for any marketing campaign.

As you are putting together various touchpoints for your campaign, it is essential to think about how you can creatively get their brand name into the customer’s hands. Marketing mail attitudes have not changed over the past three years. Whether you decide to send them a postcard, self-mailer, or brochure, all significant touchpoints, it will work. Okay, but how likely are they to keep a piece of paper for an extended time? Marketing Mail remains persuasive and influential.


According to a USPS Spring 2020 survey, most consumers perceive marketing mail to be as or more important to them than it was three years ago. Half of the Millennials find mail to be “more important” to them than three years ago! Subsequently, 62% of millennials tend to read through the marketing mail received instead of discarding it without reading it. Furthermore, even after receiving marketing mail, over half have tried a new product/service/establishment. It matters!



For example, we recently launched a campaign entitled “Drive your Results.” Featured in this campaign was a branded USB Drive. Using promotional products puts a brand in the hands of potential consumers in a practical way, keeping your brand top of mind. The next time they put on the hat, use the pop-socket on their phone, or plug in the flash drive, it is a reminder of what your brand can do for them.

Promotional products will then serve as the first touchpoint of your brand. When someone is wearing the branded hat you gave them, they become a walking billboard for your company. Others will see and say, “What is (insert your company’s name)?” and, “what do they do?”.

Here at BMS, we want to aid you in your marketing campaigns. How? By providing a blended approach of print, direct mail, and promotional products.

Please give us a call or email to discuss how our Value-Added Solutions That Drive Results can meet your company’s needs. 

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