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James E. LaPrade Sr

James E. LaPrade Sr

CEO / President
James provides the vision, leadership, strategy, and general management skills necessary to grow and expand BMS. His dedication to employee development inspires our team to work hard every day.
Vernon Berry VP Sales & Marketing

Vernon Berry

VP Sales & Marketing
Vernon is responsible for the sales strategy and revenue generation of BMS. Through his leadership, our platform has grown tremendously. He works close with our clients using a deep knowledge of our product and the pain points it solves. He leads our direct sales team in assisting customers across the United States. He is responsible for corporate brand image and voice helping BMS to grow into a national brand.
Kelly Shuptrine CPA / Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Shuptrine

CPA / Chief Financial Officer
Kelly is responsible for BMS financial affairs including budget planning, fiscal reporting, and shaping strategy to capture profitable growth. She oversees the company’s accounting team and human resources functions.
Jeffrey Betterton VP of Customer Service and IT

Jeffrey Betterton

VP of Customer Service and IT
Jeff is responsible for all technical advancements of BMS. With his unique perspective and strategic vision, he leads a team of project managers and IT professionals that help provide our customers with quality products. His experience and thoughtful guidance helps our team provide clients with superior customer service on every touchpoint before, during, and after each project.
Tony Tysver General Manager

Tony Tysver

General Manager
Tony’s unique role is at the heart of our company. He is our go-to person for getting it done! He is responsible for BMS production and product services. He oversees all aspects of managing quality assurance programs, supervising, hiring, and training other employees, monitoring existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness; and creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency.
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