• Secure login with 24/7 online access to pet data
  • Simple owner and pet search functionality
  • Comprehensive owner profile, complete with full report
  • Vaccination tracking and expiration alert
  • Tag and license tracking and expiration alert

    BMS Direct understands municipalities like no other.Streamline your data entry and manage fully compliant pet licensing. We’ve developed Petztrack to address your requirements with this a state-of-the-art solution for validating vaccination records and issuing pet licenses. Click here for Petztrack demo!

    Petztrack software is a secure, password-protected portal that allows you to access data on each pet and its owner within your community. It provides a detailed daily transaction report allowing you to balance each register every day at the close of business. You can run a variety of additional reports to include revenue, licensing volume, non-local vaccination records, and more.

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