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    BMS Direct can generate significant savings, improve the appearance of your statement or invoice, and reduce delivery times. This translates into an improved cash flow and revenue.

    We improve the statement appearance and reduce delivery times, resulting in improved cash flow and revenue. Billing and statement processing can be time consuming and expensive. BMS Direct can generate significant savings, improve the appearance of your statement or invoice, and reduce delivery times. This translates to improved cash flow and revenue.

    Billing for County governments (Property Tax, Auto, Dog Tags), Utility companies and businesses in VirginiaWest VirginiaMarylandNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina, and Tennessee.

    invoice processing

    We process, print, and mail utility bills, credit union statements, late notices, medical invoices, notice of benefits, checks, and personalized direct mail pieces, to name a few.

    Most statement runs are processed, printed and mailed within 24-48 hours. We can print simplex or duplex and can pull different types of paper during the statement run, if needed.

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    We offer optional consultation services to enhance the appearance, effectiveness and user friendliness of your statement or invoice. Custom electronic forms can be created which can further reduce overall costs. Traditional preprinted forms can also be used.

    “Thank you and your staff for an excellent job once again. Also, I appreciate the communication and understanding for an office that is a little behind the times. Everyone goes out of their way to help.” Rebecca C. “Becky” Jones, MGT, Bedford County Treasurer

    Postage is typically the most expensive component of a mailing.

    • We first CASS certify each statement file processed, and then presort for maximum postal discounts.
    • The lowest 1st class postage rate used is $.36 when pieces qualify for Automation Carrier Route rates. When the statement file is printed, it will be in the proper sequence for maximum USPS postal discounts.
    • We accommodate up to six selective inserts per run. This is used to customize statements with special inserts for specific individuals.

    Customized messages enhance the look of any statement.

    • Just tell us what you want the message to say and who should receive the message.
    • Similar to selective inserting, we can selectively print messages for specific individuals.

    We use advanced technology to ensure multiple page statements are kept together and not inserted with other people’s statements.

    • Special marks are placed to the left of the name and addresses that are optically scanned to keep multiple page statements together and in order.
    • As a final check, our JetVision system takes a picture of each envelope processed to assure the integrity of the mailing. This information can be returned to the client for verification that 100% of the mailing was processed and mailed.

    Let us enhance your utility billing, invoicing, and statement processing today! Contact us for a free estimate.

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