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BMS Direct utilizes state-of-the-art computer systems to deliver a broad range of data processing services. Our staff will refine your database to ensure address accuracy to improve the deliverability of each mail piece. Correct addresses reduce delays within the postal system and maximize postal discounts.

Our progressive data processing for invoices and statements facilitates quick delivery, insert accuracy, quick reporting and improved cash flow.

Our progressive data processing for invoices and statements facilitates quick delivery, insert accuracy, quick reporting and improved cash flow.

We offer a variety of Ricoh cut sheet and OCE continuous form laser equipment for uncompromising laser print quality. Our experienced staff of programmers and computer operators will ensure that your project meets your specifications and is delivered on time.

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Data Processing includes:

Media Conversion

Convert PC files to/from mainframe tapes. If you have to send or receive mainframe tapes (3480/3490/3490e) from clients and/or vendors, we can do these conversions including files with packed and binary data fields. We are also experienced in processing tapes with special requirements for organizations like insurance companies, motor vehicle departments, voter registration, and other government agencies. Here are common media formats we process:

  • Main-frame 3480, 3490, 3490e tape cartridges
  • Diskettes
  • Zip disks
  • CD-ROM (including creation)
  • ASCII or EBCDIC formats
  • Packed and binary data fields

Format Conversion Convert between PC data formats. We can convert your data between most common PC software applications including Dbase, Access, Filemaker, Excel, ASCII fixed-field and comma-delimited.

C.A.S.S. Certify
Correct and standardize addresses and apply Zip+4/barcode data. This is a “must” if you want to automate your mailings and get the maximum postage savings. Also, the Postal Service requires all automated mailings to be CASS certified within three months prior to a mail date. You’d better not forget this step or you’ll be making extra-large donations to the Postal Service every time you mail.

P.A.V.E. Presort Qualify
Presort your mailing lists for maximum postage discounts. This is the final process for preparing a qualified mailing in the proper form for the Post Office. Postage savings can be lost if this step is not done right. Or worse, your “friendly” local postal official might reject your mailing entirely! Then what will you do?

Update your addresses through our National-Change-of-Address process. The Postal Service now requires all First Class mailers to update addresses at least every 6 months through NCOA or Fast-Forward services. The NCOA process will update any address which has changed within the last 48 months. Fast-Forward is less expensive but only provides address changes occurring within the past 18 months.

data processing for direct mailMerge/Purge
Combine multiple lists and remove duplicate names. Or simply remove duplicate names form a single list. This is a necessity if you want to avoid mailing out duplicate pieces to your clients or prospects. Besides the wasted postage, there’s nothing more embarrassing than sending several mail pieces to the SAME person. That’s a sure-fire way to lose a customer before you even get them!

File Cleanup
Cleanup, fix, move and parse (split) name and address fields into a standard format. If you have address lists where fields are out of position (company name in the address field, state in the Zip field, etc.). this service can clean them up and return a properly formatted file. Proper cleanup of a list can also reward you with better CASS and presort results thereby giving you bigger postage savings. Here are some of the repairs we can do for you:

  • Fix/add missing zip codes
  • Parse (split) fields (city/state/zip, personal names, etc.)
  • Add gender codes to names
  • Reformat records, put data into proper fields
  • Sort by any criteria
  • Search for and eliminate corrupt data (bad characters)
  • Search for and eliminate/combine duplicate records
  • Data quality analysis by fields or column positions

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