Invoice Processing

Statement and invoice processing can be time consuming and expensive. BMS Direct can generate significant savings, improve the appearance of your statement or invoice, and reduce delivery times. This translates to improved cash flow and revenue. Read More.

Mailing Services

BMS Direct’s reputation is unmatched for providing quality lettershop services in Virginia and nationwide. We offer a wide range of lettershop services from inkjet personalization, inserting and tabbing to on site postal verification and drop shipment logistical services. Our team of production experts will work diligently to ensure your direct mail campaign is mailed on time, as agreed upon and within budget. Read More.

  • Presort Program: With the rising costs of postal rates, BMS will help you cut postal expenses and obtain automation discounts from the USPS. Our state of the art MLOCR equipment and latest software insure lower postage and faster delivery.

 Print Services

BMS Direct professionals can handle every phase of your printing requirements. Our printing resources include digital prepress capabilities for color scanning and full color digital proofing. Our printing professionals are consistently monitoring your project and are available to make last minute changes and edits. Read More.

  • Graphic Design: BMS  Direct offers customized graphic design solutions to reflect your company brand and marketing.  We develop and deliver any size project from logos and brochures to comprehensive branding packages.

Data Processing

BMS Direct utilizes state-of-the-art computer systems to deliver a broad range of data processing services. Our staff will refine your database to ensure address accuracy to improve the deliverability of each mail piece. Correct addresses reduce delays within the postal system and maximize postal discounts. Read More.

  • NCOA:
    If you don’t regularly update your database of addresses it can be difficult to carry out a successful mailing campaign. Mailing your information to non-existent addresses or to people who no longer live at a specific address and then receiving the undeliverable pieces back wastes time, money, and can damage your business image. This creates a constant challenge to maintain high quality mailing lists.

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